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As it turns out the night with Leon wasn't as I had expected. All I kept doing was thinking of Charles. I really miss him a lot. I'm still in love with him. So, I told Leon that he wasn't my type. My type is Charles.
leon's sex face:

fuck you
(Deleted comment)
wtf.I give it to her so she can change an entry and she like fucking stabs me in the back. idc if she appologized to me THIS PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF
i didn't stab you in the back. i told visor to read your lj. and then he said he did. so i thought maybe he had wrote an entry back or something. so i went to your friends page to see if he had wrote anything. then i saw mandi's got curious and read it. one time that's all. and it isn't like she wrote anything about me or anything that i hadn't already heard before. I wasn't purposefully looking for her name just to be nosey. I was looking for visors and i didn't know his user name. I'm sorry.
Well obviously after you looked at her entries you told someone you did.
i love you lindsey!
from alice^^^^
You go to the tech high?
Ooh this is Lindsay??! This is Christina lol
oh hey...how did you find my thingy?