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I just unregisteredfgujkd for hcc. because im movvving. :] BYE FUCKERS :]
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“transcribe this and i'll give you a dolla holla!”

Transcribed by: donteat_tehpie
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“wow i'm udpating my lj from my phone. Holy shiznit”

Transcribed by: donteat_tehpie
Never looked better/
I've had a horrible 2 weeks. Cody and I are not together. Thank god. I do like someone I work with. We've been talking alot. I've been drinking again, and smoking. I've been smoking weed...popping pills. The works. I'm becoming a fuck up again. Only this time I don't have charles. He's done with me. Kevin is starting to worry about me. Oh god please don't let me do this again. I fucked up with my parents. I want to cut, but I can't. I work with Kevin tonight. I told him he and I needed to have a talk. Cause he wants me to open up to him. But I need to find out if I truely and fully trust him yet. I mean I think I do I just don't know yet. I like him yes... Fuck this shit... I'm done.
As it turns out the night with Leon wasn't as I had expected. All I kept doing was thinking of Charles. I really miss him a lot. I'm still in love with him. So, I told Leon that he wasn't my type. My type is Charles.
Well charles and I talked last night. -sighs- he said we can be friends....but not much more. So it's something. I wasn't feeling to good last night but Alice and Clinton tried cheering me up. It worked somewhat. I'm not going to homecoming...IM NOT! I DONT WANNA GO SO IM NOT! SO STFU! -sighs- Didn't sleep to good last night...actually didn't sleep at all... I let go of a close friend...so yeah. uhm... so I basically cried all last night... and yeah.... I started on the zoloft again...and yeah...things dont look good...
omg everyone every attention...last night at hip-hop I LEARNED TO DO THE WORM AND MANY OTHER BREAK DANCING MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES!!!!

anyways yeah...

I've officially decided that yes... I do like nick =p rawr...

Tiffo yes im mad at him unter he appologizes for what SHE did ...yeah I'm mad kthx bye

okay....here we go again... since no one COMMENTS!!!1!!1! FRIIIIIIIIIENDS FUCKInG CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT! YOu have one week to comment
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starting from left... *billy* Lil'ashley susie MOI!!! and EriCa!

Went to all county last night to seeeee my man!!! hehe